Metaphor of Dismantlement and Nonresistance





 Metaphor of Dismantlement and Nonresistance




   Sponsored by:  Internet Gallery of Contemporary Art (

   Display Period: March 1st – May 15th, 1999

   Artists:              Lee, Seel-ku, Park Chul-ho

   Directed by:     Kim, Ok-real


Lee Seel-ku – Shattered Life, Overlapping self-scrutiny

Park Chul-ho – Gesture of resistance and metaphor of nonresistance



Lee, Seel-ku

이실구 <Untitled-1>, Lithograph, 65 x 85 cm, 1998  이실구 <Untitled-2>,Lithograph, 45 x 65 cm, 1998  이실구 <Untitled-3>,Lithograph , 45 x 65 cm, 1998  이실구 <Untitled-4>,Lithograph, 45 x 65 cm,1998  이실구 <Untitled-5>, Lithograph, 45 x 65 cm, 1998

이실구 <Untitled-6>, Lithograph, 45 x 65 cm, 1998  이실구 <Untitled-7>,Lithograph , 45 x 65 cm , 1998  이실구 <Untitled-8>,Lithograph , 45 x 65 cm , 1998  이실구 <Untitled-9>, Lithograph , 45 x 65 cm , 1998 



Fragmented Life, the Twofold Gaze at the Self


                         written by Kim, Ok-real (Curator of Post Gallery)


The works of Lee Seel-ku realize the reality of life through disorganization of trees or plants, parts of nature. His pictures suggest the significance of life by means of the metaphor of fragmentation and disorganization. At the first sight, the plastic qualities of his works seems to be commonplace symbolic signs, attained by disorganizing common images and escaping from self. However, it is noteworthy that the fragments of plants, represented in abstract image, suggest the way of gaze at twofold self.

<Untitled-1>and <Untitled-2> using the image of a pond or a swampy land, grasp the dual significance of the self: the one, the 'intrinsic power' of self, the recognition of the self as the subject of life, the other, the 'insecurity of living being', the recognition of undifferentiated space. <Untitled-3> makes the constant repetition of life and death into fragments of nature, a fossils. It is paradox that through this fossilization, our limited life on earth secures the eternity.

<Untitled-4> embodies the efforts to seize the reality of life in the languages of gesture. The artist attempts to seize the life in the embodiment of traces and actions. As a part of this attempt, in <Untitled-5> and <Untitled-6> the variant images of plants are floating in the air up and down . By conquering the limitation of space, the life in the water and the life in the air become one, realize the unity of life.

In <Untitled-7>, the artist raises the gaze at the life to the selfless consciousness of life. The space of coexistence becomes the selfless and objectless space when the gaze at the self becomes one with the inner voice. In <Untitled-8> and <Untitled-9>, through the realization of inner unity, the space of harmony and formation suggests the possibility to find a new meaning of reality and existence.

The works of Lee Seel-gu intend to seize the duality of life through the disorganization of shapes. At the same time, his plastic languages, the disorganization of plant shapes symbolized in abstract form, inner expression of the space composition act as the metaphor of disorganization in order to illuminate the problem of life.





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