Prospects of the language of drawing and the communication





Prospects of the language of drawing and the communication


Opening the possibility of communication: Invitation to art and its realm of amusement



Sponsored by: Art Center Sol

Directed by: Ok-real Kim


Artists paint, supposing that there is someone to look at their work. Creating art and its maintenance cannot be done by one single person, but require art appreciators. Art continues because they exist. Thus the artistic creation and its appreciation co-exist and are done simultaneously. If the latter means to have artistic experiences, the first means to express such experiences and realize them in a specific work. However, it is not that simple and easy to express and encapsulate these artistic experiences in an image. It certainly requires talents and efforts, which does not mean that art belongs to some special group of people, for artistic experiences include the psychological activities occurred in a play. Everyone (not only artists) has a memory of play in childhood. The most important element in understanding the creation and appreciation of art is play and its amusement.  


Men pursue infinity through art, which is connected with the amusement that a child feels in a play. They build a castle in the air for themselves. Anguish arises from dissatisfaction on lifes limit, and illusion comes from a pursuit of infinity. Finally, play and art, fruits of illusion, open up the possibility of loving the reality. In other words, art narrows the distance between self and the object, and allows us to cherish life. It is the fruit of our creative activities, which requires its appreciators. Now I invite all who are losing love in heart to come to the realm of all possibilities, to yearn for infinity and to communicate with it.  (*translated by Yi, Ju-yeon)



July 25th, 1997

Ok-realKim@ArtCenter Sol




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