Dream of the Shinchun


 Dream of the Shinchun


- For the 'apriority of the body' -




■ Place: Around Soosung Bridge over the ShinchunRiver in Daegu /along the sidewalks and on the surface of the river

Display Period: Nov. 4th - 11th, 2000

■ Opening Event: Performance on environmental issues

■ Installation time: 6pm – 12am

■ Sponsored by: YMCA Daegu

Directed by: Ok-real Kim 




  정영혁  이동은  이복순




‘Dream of the Shinchun' is a dream to all of us. This dream, transcending the border of a notional illusion, becomes a hope to secure an existential and realistic sphere in time and space and realize the ‘apriority of the body’ for the sake of environment and ecology. The theme of nature and ecology has been discussed since 1980s under the name of ‘environmental aesthetics,’ and profoundly studied since 1990s. However, the subject has been always marginalized. Although some theoretical approaches have been done to its artistic expression, there has been, and is, no effort to relate it with ecological environmental aesthetics. Up to the year 2000, the ‘apriority of the body’ have merely meant a sensor for ecological risks. A body recognized as this will be always left behind the prioritized rational decisions and would not be able to draw attention until the wounds become visible. Such body, imprisoned in isolation and oppression, will inevitably die. Nonetheless, it is impossible to prevent such phenomenon, even if we recognize the body as being nature itself and not something cut off from it. 











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