■ Display Period: May 9th – 14th, 2000

■ Place: Daegu Cultural Art Center (Halls 6, 7, 8)

■ Opening Event: Tuesday, May 9th, 5 pm-7pm

    (Seminar on the exhibition, Discussion with the artists)

Directed by: Independent Curator, Ok-real Kim

■ Artists: Ho-deuk Kim, O-bong Kwon, Myung-mi Lee, Dae-sung Kim



Since art is obliged to mirror the reality, the idea of dismantlement was inevitably introduced and developed by contemporary art. The exhibition ‘Paradigm shift’ is an attempt to go over the problems of today’s art as we are moving into the new millennium. It suggests finding the modern solutions in a future-oriented structure. Thus it represents the earnest hope of the artists to go beyond their aesthetic mission and restore the centrality of nature and human. It also presents an ‘alternative proposal’ to the upcoming new century.





 (Installation) – Dividing space into two dimensions – ‘filling’ and ‘emptying’ of the internal echoes of  life and nature, Ho-deuk Kim actively utilizes the notion of space. For him, the whole space  becomes a living artwork when the visitors pass in and out of it.



 (surface) – O-bong Kwon uses dynamic lines to show the interaction between color and line, which  are the most basic languages of painting.




 Myung-mi Lee creates an excellent harmony of loud colors in changing forms of the frame. 





jung y-h


 (Video) Five artists (Dae-sung Kim, Sung-min Kim, Joon-ki Na, Young-hyeok Jung, Woo-yong  Jung) are engaged in video presentation to show the body as a living area of all senses, an  important subject of communication, the most concrete and realistic mode of our existence, and  finally the live soil of our thoughts and behavior.








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