Identity of a painting




 ‘Identity of a painting’ - Memo one -


Four artists (Young-se Kim, Hee-soo Kim, Tae-kyoung Jung, Mi-ok Jung) question the ‘identity of a painting’ through their one-dimensional work. These artists pursue freedom only on the surface despite the world’s tendency to leave it behind. Here we present their first collective exhibition.

· Display Period: Dec. 11th – 16th, 2001
· Place:              Daegu Cultural Arts Center (Halls 9, 10)
· Artists :            Kim Young-se, Kim Hee-soo, Jung Mi-ok, Jung Tae-kyoung

· Directed by:      Ok-real Kim (Independent Curator)




Kim Young-se – Spatial expansion by manual






Kim Hee-soo– Perpetual purity of an instant, its pictorial reception

Jung Mi-ok – Visual expansion by ‘repetition’





Jung Tae-kyoung– My painting, our painting, the fundamental question






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