summer history 2001









Display Period: Sep. 4th-10th, 2001

▶ Place:              L-side gallery (Daegu)

Directed by:     Ok-real Kim (Independent Curator)

▶ Artists:             Kim Kyoung-min(Video) / Park Yoon-kyoung(Object) / Bae Tae-joo(Painting)




‘Summer History 2001 (July & August)’ is a realization of the images, aroused by the experiences at the specific location (Sungjoo) and viewed through each artist’s own perspective. In other words, it is a visualization of the distance existing between the idea (imagination of the artist) and the object (in time and space: here, Sungjoo), and at the same time, a comparison of the different ways in which each artist compresses the potential power of the idea and the object into one image and links the two working spaces – the place of exhibition and his atelier.


 Sketches on the exhibition

Over the two months of July and August, I have seen works being shaped and done. The school, closed for 3 years, had overgrown weeds all about it, rats and bugs in the classrooms, as if they owned this place. It was right then, when we started feeling comfortable living in this old school and the steaming heat of August was about to go away, that we had to leave. I remember Mr. Bae and Ms. Park, as a way to escape from the heat, taking a shower behind a tree where they had hanged up a textile sheet to cover the scene. Such was the situation; there was no shower, nor a refrigerator. Now I hope that many will come and see the history of the summer 2001, the works done in a closed school out in the country by these enthusiastic artists. (*translated by Yi, Ju-yeon)


Kyoung-min Kim (Video)



Yoon-kyoung Park (Object)



Tae-joo Bae (Painting)






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