Beauty, that is, Earth in ceramics  


Beauty, that is, Earth in ceramics






Sponsored by:     YMCA Daegu

Place:                  Gallery ‘Bitsal’

Display Period:    Feb. 13th – 25th, 2001

Directed by:         Kim Ok-real

Opening event:    Mime performance by Jo Sung-jin




This exhibition titled as Beauty, that is, Earth in ceramics’ is to celebrate the opening of gallery ‘Bitsal.’ It is also an attempt to go beyond the abstract notions and innumerable definitions of beauty, and find it specifically in the practical functions of the pottery.

   MIN Kyung-young

Owing to its architecture, the gallery seems most suitable for the kind of exhibition which connects art with everyday life. Not only because it is located in a house, but more importantly, because it is the general mission of an art gallery to gain a proximity with the public and help them to encounter art in their ordinary life. In fact, what is so called the ‘originality’ of the genius contemporary artists is actually making the public turn away from art. In this context, the activation of ceramic exhibitions could narrow this gap, for it relates art with our life. Furthermore, it will enable art to live and breathe with the general public, instead of remaining as a privilege to the few.

    PARK Sung-bag

For this reason, Beauty, that is, Earth in ceramics’ is an effort to concentrate on the methodical research on how to bring the two (certainly, art and life) close together. Despite the fact that crafts are naturally different from painting and sculpture in its practicality, it is gaining a broad range of its appreciators today as more importance has been attached to its aesthetic values. Thus, crafts become a way to overcome the communicational limits of the contemporary art.


  TAE Sung-ryung

The three potters invited to this exhibition emphasize the liberal crudity of the free shape. They wish to share the deep taste of their ceramic artwork, the fruit of their long research on how to ‘obtain beauty without seeking it’ in using natural formative materials.  (*translated by Yi, Ju-yeon)







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