Modern Myths





Modern Myths

-In the body and language- 



Presented by:    Internet Gallery of Contemporary Art (today, Post Gallery)

Display Period: May 11th – 16th, 1999

Opening Date:  Tuesday, May 11th, 1999

Place:               Daegu Cultural Arts Center (Halls 6, 7)
Directed by:      Kim Ok-real (Artistic director/Art critic)

Artists:               Kwon Ki-chul, Kwon O-bong, Jang Jae-hee,

              Jung Young-heouk, Jung Eun-you, Jung Tae-kyung



Kwon, Ki-chul

Kwon O-bong

Jang, Jae-hee

Jung, Tae-kyung


Jung, Eun-you

Jung, Young-heouk








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