The Method of 10 persons



The Method of 10 persons

- The noon of intelligence, Transcendence vs. Submergence-

  Opening Event

     Noon - 4:00pm Performance: Modern dance (2 dancers including Eun-shil Lee)

     Noon - 4:30pm < The noon of intelligence, Transcendence vs. Submergence >

                         Discussions and critics on the artwork in display

     Artists :          Yong-kwan Kwon, Young-min Kim, Jin-wook Kim, Changsoo Park,

                         Moo-ho Shin, Gil-shik Lee, Dong-hoon Yim, Jin-taek Jung,

                         Byoung-Moon Choi, Joo-young Choi

     Directed by:   Ok-real Kim (Art Critic)

     Date/Place:    July 6th, 1999 at 4pm / DaeguCulturalArtsCenter, Hall 4





                  Yong-kwan Kwon                       Young-min Kim                        Changsoo Park



                    Moo-ho Shin                           Gil-shik Lee                       Dong-hoon Yim



                      Jin-taek Jung            Byoung-Moon Choi                     Joo-young Choi


Jin-wook Kim

Art has been provoking numerous modes and styles under the name of originality. Such diversity usually acts as a creative power, but at times it burdens us and causes great conflicts and confusion between conventions and originality. Should we keep silence with the many who could never understand contemporary art and the few who would not even want to understand it? The method of 10 persons assimilates the two ideas of unfamiliarity (isolation) and familiarization (imitation), without putting them in opposition. Our intention is to form one principle out of several opposing ideas existing in daily perceptual experiences, and to regard it as an active affirmation, rather than a negation. The participating artists project a sense of reality on various objects.

Object is an important medium for the expression of our interests, and a tool of communication. It is a window of the communication between individual subjects, and between human and nature. It turns away from conventions and attempts to make a conversation for which a basis of understanding is prerequisite. And it is by reaction that we discern whether or not this conversation has been based on understanding. However, the most important element in this process is to respond. This exhibition will remind us that we can only break the silence and enable the communication between experiences (collective and individual) when we respond to the artists invitation. (*translated by Yi, Ju-yeon)



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